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COSBER Customer Case

COSBER Customer Case - BenSam Auto Service Limited.

BenSam is one of the key inspectors who are authorized by DVLA, Ghana. By July, 2017, it has been operating 2 inspection centers with 8 testlanes in total the GREAT ACCRA area, and the market share has exceeded 20%. During the current 2 centers, all the equipment of the old one established in 2008 is produced by COSBER, and the new one with 5 testlanes established in 2016 is using complete solution of COSBER. Right now, there are 5 more new centers with more than 15 testlanes in total is under planning.

Project Technical Study

PTI Customers Technical Inquiry

PTI Customers Technical Inquiry

After the deeply discussion, we got the key requirements:

Testlane Type: Motorcycle Testlane * 1, 3T Testlane*3, 10T Testlane*1
Motorcycle Testlane:Axle Load Test, Brake Test, Emission Test, Headlight Test;
3T Testlane: Emission test, Visual Check, Headlight Test,Sideslip Test, Suspension Test, Brake Test
10T Testlane: Emission test, Visual Check, Headlight Test, Sideslip Test,  Brake Test
1.Working area dimension:30x 20.5m layout
2.Inspection capacity /Testlane:60 vehicles per testlane per day( 8hours) based on standard inspection time per vehicle 15 minutes
3.Reduce of human works, computerized control system, automatic work flow operation.
4.Easy operation and work process, low maintenance & Cost reduced.
5.Full package of service in Technical standard, Installation, Calibration, Training and Spare parts;
6.Technical Stanrdard of China or/and Japanese standard.

Project accepted

Design & Engineering

After studied the technical requirement and customers' need, Cosber had proposed a complete solution for BenSam in Ghana.

Customerize of Software operation process

1.Business hall:PC Tolling, Login & Apply test

Vehicle get on testlane, start 1st Work Stage( WP):
Gas analyzer & Opacimeter,
Visual Check( pit & play detector)
Headlight Test

2nd  WP of testlane:
Sideslip test
Suspension test &Axle load( wheel load) test
Roller brake test( 1 times of re-test when fail for Front/rear/hand brake )

2.Test finish
Back to Business hall

3. Print out of result and Data management

4. Issue of Inspection Certificate ( authorized by Land Transport Dpt)

5. Hand in Vehicle & Certificate to customer

Design of software program

1)Testlane Control system characteristics

2)Database Server

3)New project proposal in application

Hand in of Project & Key Performance

Hand in of Project

1)Equipments manufacturing and procurement

2)Packaging & Logistics

3)Construction of Test center

4)Installation and commissioning( 2 Cosber engineers at site for 28 days)

5)Calibration and Acceptance

Key Benefit of Customer

1.The automatic level has became the local benchmark, and has been taken into the promoted standard by DVLA, Ghana.

2.As a sample center, it has made more customers come to visit and negotiate more than 20 testlanes in total.

To consult immediately

Testlane type:
Military vehicle testlane
Set up year: year of 2012
Inspection vehicle type: Light duty and heavy duty Vehicle
Size of required testing area: 30x10m
Purchased equipment: Chassis Dynamometer, Roller Brake tester, Weight tester, Sideslip tester, Headlight tester, Emission tester, Sound level meter and Computer control system.

Testlane type:
OEM PTI Equipments
Set up year: From year of 2010
Inspection vehicle type: Light duty car & Heavy duty truck
Size of required testing area: 40mx4.5m
Purchased equipment: Roller Brake tester, Play detector, Suspension tester