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COSBER Customer Case - Iran Abzar Pishro Karen.Company

KAREN COMPANY is Iran local company which mainly sells car care products and vehicle inspection equipment. There are 8 JG single work-stages test lanes and 10 CL single work-stages test lanes since the establishment of cooperation with COSBER from 2013.

With the increase of government's recognition of COSBER the growth of Iran market share is remarkable.

Project Technical Study

1.Market Survey
Total amount of vehicles in Iran is around 1,700,000 and the annual inspection of vehicles has started since 1995.

2.Summarize the technical information

Key points:

At this stage of Iran, there are four major tests: Sideslip test, Weighing, Suspension test and Brake force test. On this basis, Emission / Opacimeter test are involved , also the JG-401 test lane for 15T heavy vehicle includes speedometer test. COSBER single work-position exactly meets the demand.

1.Dimension lane:8Mx32M (15T) layout/ATL + Control computer and cabinet at site.
2.Inspection capacity /Testlane:over 40 cars/testlane/day(8h).
3.Networking request.
4.Service:Full package of service in technical standard, Installation, Calibration, Training and Spare parts.

Design & Engineering

After discussed with customers about the standard of vehicle inspection in Iran & technical requirement, COSBER had proposed a most suitable PTI solution for Karen in Iran.

Customerize of Software operation process

Business hall:
PC Tolling, Login & Apply test

Vehicle get on testlane:
1.Speedometer test
2.Gas analyzer & Opacimeter
3.Sideslip test
4.Axle load( wheel load)test
5.Roller brake test( 1 times of re-test when fail for Front/rear/multiple axle/hand brake )
6.Test finish
7. Print out of result and Data management in XML format
8.COSBER SYSTEM Transfers test results to Government software and print out test report by Iran Government
9.Hand in Vehicle & Certificate to customer

Design of software program

1.Test lane Control system characteristics

-Vehicle Information Login ( IRAN format )

-MySQL Database management

-Operation Interface

-Test result in COSBER system

-Results in XML files and transfer to Iran Government

2.Hand in of project & Key Performance

Installation and commissioning(Engineer in IRAN last 2 weeks for training).

3.Calibration and Acceptance

Key Benefit of Customer

1. Capacity of Inspection is 40-50 vehicle per day per line( 8hours), Average inspection time of vehicle is 8 minutes.

2.All information and Data are computerized into XML format and networking to Database system.

3.KAREN COMPANY has possessed the operation know-how, but also the service ability of equipment in term of Installation/Maintenance/Calibration/Spare parts/Training, as well as holding seminar locally to rise the influence of COSBER.

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