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Our Mission & Vision
COSBER Mission:

Our mission is to provide the most advanced and innovative solutions in vehicle inspection for our customer on a worldwide basis with continued commitment to high quality equipments, state of the art IT solutions, user friendly operation software and excellent customer service.

Cosber Mission

COSBER Vision:

To improve road safety and environmental protection around the world.

With the triumph of digitalization and Information Technology as a common part of life, COSBER has evolved by integrating vehicle inspection and workshop equipments with IT SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. Founded in Shenzhen, China in 1999, COSBER began developing, manufacturing and distributing its growing products lines. With the Headquarters Office and R&D department located in the heart of China's IT and Technology Center, COSBER is in the perfect environment and enjoys exceptional locational advantages for research and development.

Additionally, on the basic of high level skills and expertises in manufacture, COSBER developed a new core competence to construct holistic IT Systems for vehicle inspection stations and repair workshops around the world. These are the two main factors responsible for COSBER's becoming one of the market leaders and the largest exporter in China. COSBER's customer base ranges from governmnets, vehicle inspection stations to 4S dealers and repair workshops. With customers in over 30 different countries and relevant markets.

With the Inspection Service Technology(I.S.T), COSBER developed a complete IT System Solution that meets the customers' needs, international standards and requirements. By linking "equipment operation" and "business management" software with vehicle inspection and workshop equipments, the I.S.T system creates additional value for the users by improving the efficency of all "core business processes". This creates a well-functioning, well- organized and adaptable system, maximizing time spent on profitable working steps.