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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is proposed by the German government, refers to intelligentize the information of supply, manufacturing, sales by using information system, and finally to achieve rapid, effective and personalized product supply. China and Germany signed the “China-Germany cooperation guideline", clearly put forward the industry 4.0, which is of great significance for the future of Sino - German economic development.

Over the past decade, Chinese government has vigorously supported the development of information technology industry, the Internet industry quickly walked in the forefront of the world; therefore China's traditional manufacturing industry is benefit from it as well. The technology of Chinese traditional manufacturing is lagging behind with low added value, while the Internet + wave greatly promotes the transformation and upgradation of traditional manufacturing, making it more intelligent. Shenzhen COSBER Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of them. Since established in 1999, COSBER has developed from equipment manufacturer into an integrated intelligent manufacturing company which has independent intellectual property rights and data management services.
  • Design Customization

    Design Customization-COSBER
    Different users from various regions have different needs of equipments.

    COSBER is willing to provide customized design and personalized service according to specially need of client in term of PTI.

  • Intelligent Inspection

    Intelligent Inspection-COSBER
    Inspection Solution of COSBER is in automatic operation to reduce human work and improve the detection efficiency greatly.
  • Data Management System

    Data Management System-COSBER
    All of COSBER equipments are equipped with the company's own software control system which can do network management, and the    data encryption is using high security AES standard.

    It comes with the database which is capable of storing and exporting data any time.