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1.Introduction of Workshop Solution

The COSBER CL Test Line Series is a fully automatic vehicle inspection test line developed for the inspection of light duty vehicles. The save spacing design combined with a user friendly operation software and high quality equipments makes the CL Test Line Series the ideal vehicle inspection solution for automobile repair workshops and small to medium sized light duty vehicle inspection stations. Within three minutes the road worthiness of the vehicle can be detected.

repair workshop

2.Test Item

-Brake performance
-Wheel resistance force
-Suspension absorption rate
-Wheel load
-Sound Test
-Headlight Test
-Exhaust Test

3.Test flow

Preparation→Start test→Sideslip→Front suspension→Front wheel resistance→Front brake force→Rear suspension→Rear wheel resistance→Rear brake force→Hand brake→Test finished


COSBER provides a variety of testing equipments and other accessories to meet the needs of repair workshop.
Brake tester
Suspension tester
Sideslip tester
Sound tester
Highlight tester
Exhaust tester
Pedal force
Remote controller
Control cabinet

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