CVIS Automatic Testlane

Multiple -Work Stations Automatic control Testlane for Motor Vehicle Inspection

  • Multi-stage testlane layout with high capacity
  • Flexible Modular design for each Work-station
  • Fully Automatic control of equipment
  • IT Database connection to each PC
  • Operator oriented Display facility

PTI Equipment

High Quality of Test Equipment for Motor Vehicle Inspection

  • Brake, Suspension, SideSlip, Speedometer, Emission test, Head Light, Play detector etc
  • High quality equipment compliant with CE, ISO and CMC standard
  • Accessible to Digital Panel control, Stand alone Computer or Automatic Testlane
  • Equipment homologation with different countries requirement: China, Germany, UK, NL, Thailand etc

EV Test

Electrical Vehicle Safety Inspection Solution

  • Category of EV test: Pure EV and PHEV with 2WD & AWD
  • Focus in Electrical Safety and BMS Test
  • Chassis Dynamometer & E-OBD accessible
  • Charging Port of CCS, GB-AC/DC, ChaDoMo

Vehicle Dimension Scanning System

Automatic Laser Scanner for 3DExternal Dimension of Motor Vehicle

  • Fully Automatic operation & Extremely high Accuracy
  • Large measurement range & Easy Installation
  • Dynamic & Static working mode and All Weather operation condition
  • Web-Database Accessibility for Type approval use