CVIS Automatic Testlane

Multiple-Work Stations Automatic Control Testlane for Motor Vehicle Inspection

  • Multi-stage testlane layout with high capacity to test vehicle up to 36 ton.
  • Flexible Modular design for each workstation.
  • Customisable options for fully automatic control of each equipment.
  • IT database connection to every PC for streamlined data transferring.
  • Operator oriented display facility.
  • Inspection transparency measures, including CCTV and databse connection to government platform.

PTI Equipments

High-Quality Testing Equipments for Motor Vehicle Inspection

  • A comprehensive range: Brake Tester, Suspension Tester, Side-slip Tester, Speedometer, Emission tester, Headlight tester, Play detector, etc.
  • High-quality equipments in compliance with CE, ISO, and CMC standard.
  • Accessible to Digital Panel, PC Control or Automatic Testlane.
  • Product homologation from different countries: China, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Thailand, etc.

EV Inspection

Electrical Vehicle Safety Inspection Solution

  • Testable vehicle categories: electric vehicle (EV) and Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).
  • Vehicles of both two-wheel drive (2WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles can be tested.
  • Focus on electrical safety during charging and discharging, in addition to battery management system (BMS) test.
  • Accessible to Chassis Dynamometer and E-OBD.
  • Charging Port of CCS, GB-AC/DC, and ChaDoMo, meeting various international standards.

Vehicle Dimension Scanning System

Automatic Laser Scanner for External 3D Dimension of Motor Vehicle

  • Fully automatic operation & exceptional precision.
  • Large measurement range & sasy Installation.
  • Dynamic & Static working mode, and the capabity to operate under any weather conditions.
  • Web-Database Accessibility for type approval use.
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