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COSBER Profile

Since 1999, COSBER has over 20 years of expertise in providing solutions for Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) globally. Committed to technology innovation, we’ve become a leading manufacturer within the PTI industry. Cosber offers high-quality products, meeting PTI standards in Europe, China, and Japan, all of which are certified by DEKRA and TUV. Our products have earned the trust of clients from over 50 countries.


  • COSBER HeadQuarter

  • COSBER Shenzhen

  • COSBER Yanbu Factory

  • COSBER Gmbh Germany

  • COSBER Shanghai

  • COSBER Guangxi

  • COSBER Chengdu

  • COSBER Hangzhou

Production Facility

  • The COSBER factory is one of the largest and most modernised production facilities in the industry, covering a total production area of 20,000 ㎡ across 5 production workshops. We produce up to 4,000 sets of testing equipment every year. Our products adhere to PTI standards in Europe, China, and Japan, and hold certifications from DEKRA and TUV.
  • We have introduced advanced production equipment and technology, continuously optimizing the production process to ensure the highest levels of quality and efficiency in our products.

Advanced Technology in Manufacturing

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Our Team

Developing Course


In 2022 COSBER participated in the Hydrogen Energy Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, and first reveal of “Smart H2 Energy Platform” product


In 2022 COSBER New headquarters is relocated to Danzao Foshan


In 2021 COSBER ‘s headquarters building capping in Danzao


In 2021 The Hydrogen Energy Application cooperation between COSBER and XIANHU Lab


In 2019, The COSBER New Energy Industrial Park in Danzao Foshan began to construction


In 2018, Set up Join-Venture for the First PTI station in China with DEKRA Group


Become the first enterprise member of CITA International Testing Association in China


In 2017, Set up of Subsidiary branch in Munich, Germany as well as the branches in Shanghai and Guangxi Province


In 2010, Roller Brake tester was homologated in UK, >200 MOT test stations in UK are using COSBER’s equipment


In 2006, the Testlane equipment was certified by the Thai Ministry Of Transportation, till today >1,000 Thai MOT test stations are using COSBER’s equipment


In 2002, the 1st 4in1 Testlane was installed in Toyota’s 4S Dealer shop, and then spreads to more than 20 brands of Car dealer shop


In 1999, COSBER was established in Shenzhen China
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