3 Workstation LD&HD Combo.Testlane Layout(B3)

B3 Testlane design is a Light Duty & Heavy Duty Automatic Combo Testlane with 3 Work-Stations’Layout, including of test equipment for: Emission, Speedometer, Chassis & Visual check, Headlight, Sound level, Sideslip, Brake & Axle load, Suspension, etc.


  • Multi-stage testlane layout with high capacity;

  • Flexible Modular design for each Work-station;

  • Fully Automatic control of equipment;

  • IT Database connection to each PC;

  • Operator oriented Display facility.



3 Workstation LD&HD Combo.Testlane Layout(B3)3 Workstation LD&HD Combo.Testlane Layout(B3).

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