ATF-easyGear VE

The automatic & DSG gearbox are nowadays installed into all types of automobiles from luxury cars to compact cars and therefore are an indispensable part of Technical point.With this fact increases the demand and requirements for a specialized maintenance of automatic & DSG gearbox. The cornerstone for a trouble free and durable automatic & DSG gearbox is a professional ATF/Oil change in the maintenance intervals prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer ,usually 60 to 80 TKM.The problem with the ATF/oil change is that the complete ATF cannot be drained from the oil sump. A full manual ATF change is impossible. Only one third of the ATF can be drained from oil sump and exchanged with new ATF. Contaminants, abrasive particles and old oil are remaining in the gearbox system, this is not a good solution and reduces the gearbox life.For this reasons Cosber developed an automatic ATF changer/cleaning station the ATF-easyGear VE. The easy way to change professional the Automatic transmission Oil.


  • Full Automatic electronic Control;

  • Easy Operation with description hints;

  • 8” Touch screen;

  • Incl. Standard Adapter-Set with 32 pieces;

  • Automatic Oil flow identification direction (Electronic);

  • Option specific Adapter;

  • Oil change accurate ± 80 ml;

  • Flush function;



ATF-easyGear VE

ATF-easyGear VE

ATF-easyGear VE

ATF-easyGear VE

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