Chassis Dynamometer

As a leading manufacturer of chassis dynamometer and testing equipment since 1999, COSBER established the DYNOCOSBER division based on years of experience in vehicle service and cooperation with many workshops. DYNOCOSBER aims to offer the high-performance DYNAMOMETER for the car racing & tuning market. We understand that car tuning can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we keep things simple: providing excellent dyno at affordable prices, which enables our customers to become powerful players in their business. Our dyno machine is designed and developed by ourselves, featuring the advanced electric eddy current control technology. It ensures safe, precise, and efficient testing of dynamic data across different vehicles, featuring a performance graphic with a real-time data curve for detailed tuning analysis.


  • Durable Eddy-Current Retarder with over-temperature protection;

  • Groove-cut roller ensures high friction with wheels;

  • Multiple painting processes ensure long-lasting metalized surface;

  • Performance display of chassis power, acceleration time, spot speed, and traction force;

  • High adhesion and well-balanced roller;

  • Easy compatibility with external diagnostic equipment, RS-232 port & USB;



Max. axle load3500kg2000kg2000kg x 23500kg3500kg
Roller diameter216mm218mm218mm320mm320mm
Roller length1000mm860mm860mm850mm1000mm
Roller center distance442mm430mm430mm483mm443mm
Roller set quantity2 Sets2 Sets4 Sets2+3 Sets2+2 Sets
Roller surfaceCross lathe+Chrome coatingGroove cut+Chrome coatingGroove cut+Chrome coatingGroove cut+Chrome coatingGroove cut+Chrome coating
Max. test speed200km/h250km/h250km/h250km/h250km/h
Max. test power400p1000p2000p1500p2000p
Retarder powerFly wheel inertia250kw KLOFT250kw x 2 KLOFT160kw x 2160kw x 2
Motion Mode2WD2WD4WD no linked4WD by Belt-linked4WD by Z-Shaft-linked
Wheelbase adjustNCNC2500 - 3200mm Auto.2600 - 3200mm2500 -3300mm Automatic
Drive out modePneumatic lift upRetarder brakeRetarder brakePneumatic lockPneumatic lift up
Speed indication error±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
Torque indication error±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%
Power supplyAC 220V,50Hz,groundAC 220V,50Hz,ground3ph 380V,50Hz,ground3ph 380V,50Hz,ground3ph 380V,50Hz,ground
Equipment dimensions4000x 970x 645mm3070x 850x 448mm3070x 4350x 572mm3915x 3650x 548mm5616×3950×780 mm

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