COSBER ATF -Service station ATF easyGear VP

COSBER has developed a new generation of ATF changer, the ATF easyGear VP, COSBER’S main target for the ATF change service for workshops was to integrate an AUTO MODE function and vehicle database included adapter database that is connected with the vehicle database for a direct adapter assignment to the corresponding vehicle.The perfect solution for effective , orientated, professional workshops, which makes the business much more easy and profitable.


  • Fully automatic operation;

  • Auto mode;

  • Android system;

  • 10” Touch screen;

  • Vehicle database;

  • Specific adapter database;

  • Automatic oil flow direction identification (Electronic control);

  • Oil change accuracy ± 50 ml;

  • Easy step by step operation with description & technical hints;

  • Flush function;

  • Oil heating function;

  • Management software, customer database, history, consumables collection and monitoring;

  • Diagnostic interface;

  • Cloud interface;

  • Online update;

  • Incl. standard adapter-set with 32 PCS;

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