Roller Brake Tester for Car

Our roller brake tester for light vehicles (cars, etc), incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure high testing accuracy for multiple vehicle types. The tester excels in durability and offers extensive customization options, facilitating easy installation and operation. The system is designed by German engineers, and equipped with German motors and sensors. Accessories like 4WD, Analog display, Motor lock for drive-out,lift-up load simulation, and radio remote control version are available.


  • Unparalleded precision and reliable results;

  • Designed and engineered in Germany, with core components such as motors and sensors made in Germany;

  • Easy & low cost replacement of general European brake tester models without the need of pit modification;

  • Fully galvanized steel frame for long-lasting durability and high loading capacity;

  • Roller Brake Tester designed to test light vehicles with wide chassis as SUVs,Vans,light trucks etc;

  • Extended rollers for convenient and safe testing of vehicles with wide chassis;


Technical Data

Item C-BTC22 C-BTC32 C-BTC42 Split body
Maximum axle load 3500kg 4000kg 4500Kg
Measurement range 0-8000N x2 0-8000N x2 0-12000N x2
Wheel diameter 400-800mm 400-800mm 400-800mm
Wheel tread 800-2200mm 800-2500mm Split body: 200-2200mm/
Roller dimension Φ205/700mm Φ205/850mm Φ205/1000mm
Coef. friction(dry/wet) >0.8/0.7 >0.8/0.7 >0.8/0.7
Motor power 3kW / 4kW x 2 4kW x 2 4.4kW or 5.2Kw x 2
Motor E-Lock Yes Yes Yes
Test speed 5.0km/h 5.0km/h 5.0km/h
Dimensions(L x W x H) 2320 x 660 x 240mm 2620 x 660 x 240mm 1750*660*240mm
X2 pieces
Equipment weight >430kg >480kg >520kg

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