Wheel Play Detector

The wheel play detector equipped with two movable plates is designed for testing the condition of steering components and identifying any defects or leaks within the vehicle chassis. The play detector is made of three parts: 2 movable plates, a hydraulic system and an electric control system (with a handhold remote & torch).


  • Different movements of the plates are available;

  • Hydraulic system simplifies the operation;

  • Reinforced structure for heavy-duty vehicles; 

  • Quiet Operation with less noise.


Technical Data

Item KJX-10 C-PD70/C-PD72
Plate dimensions1000 × 750mm750 × 750mm/900 × 750mm
Maximum displacement of plate100 × 750mm100 × 100mm
Maximum axle load15000kg15000kg
Maximum wheel load7500kg7500kg
Movement direction6 directions8 directions
Movement plateLeft plate:front/rear & left/right, Right plate:front/rearBoth left and right plate has 4-direction movement
Max. displacement force of plate control30kn individually per plate40kn @130m/s  Individually per plate
Power supply to control unit3PH,380V,50Hz,ground3PH,380V,50Hz,ground
Motor power
Plate surface
Corundum sand
Knurled knife pattern steel
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