Manual Headlight Tester

Our manual headlight tester is designed for inspecting both the high beam and low beam of vehicles, including the testing of fog lights. This instrument is equipped with RS232 digital communication capabilities for seamless integration with a PC.


  • Accurate inspection of the high beam and low beam of automobiles with independent testing; optional fog light testing function is also available;

  • Bright LCD screen,with professional Windows graphical operating system;

  • "Arbitrary" 2D moving mechanism, laser-assisted positioning system for an smooth light center-alignment operation;

  • Standard RS232 communication port (optional) to computer, a reliable network software;

  • Optional bluetooth wireless communication module, optional mini printer for seamless operation;

  • Suitable for manual adjustment and inspection of automobile head light height;

  • Optional rechargeable battery module for different working environment;

  • Optional rail installation version.


Technical Data

Item CSB-600M / MQD-3C
Meauring range of high light illuminating intensity
Measuring range
vertical direction:up 350mm/10m ~ down 525mm/10m (up2° ~ down3°)horizontal direction:left 525mm/10m ~ right 525mm/10m(left3°~right3°)
Height measuring range
Measuring distance
500 ±5mm
Indicated value error of high light illuminating intensity±10%
Indicated value error of high light & near light axis off set±12%
Relative humidity
Power supply
AV220 ±10%  50/60HZ
Outer dimensions(L x W x H)680 x 570 x 1580mm
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