Automatic Headlight Tester

Our Automatic Headlight Tester is a fully automated testing instrument. Based on the luminous intensity distribution characteristics of the driving and passing beams of headlights, the instrument utilises advanced image processing technology with accurately located feature points. This intelligent tool can automatically measure both the optic axis offset and luminous intensity of the headlight.


  • The headlight tester is a crucial component during the safety performance inspection of motor vehicles. The correct installation angle and sufficient luminous intensity serve as essential assurances for safe driving;

  • COS2800 headlight tester is fully automated;

  • The instrument can be utilised for online safety inspections of motor vehicles before distribution and at automotive repair workshops.


Technical Data

Item COS 2800
Application range
Head light of the vehicle(light- & heavy-duty vehicles): Halogen,Xenon,Led
Positioning ways
Justification: Linear laser aid Centering: Point laser aid
Measurement range
Above:0-350mm / 10m(0-2°)
 Below:0-525mm / 10m(0-3°)
 Left:0-525mm / 10m(0-3°)
 Right:0-525mm / 10m(0-3°)
 Measuring distance:0.5m,can be set in accordance with the practical needs
 Height measuring range:250-1400mm
Light intensity
Measuring range of high beam illuminating intensity:0-120000 Candela(cd)
Error of indicating value
Error of indicating value of high beam illuminating intensity:±10%
Error of indicating value of high beam & near light axis offset:±12%
Working condition
 Relative humidyty:20-80%
Voltage supply
Power supply: AC 220V ±10%  50/60HZ
Battery:DC 12V
Net. Dimensions(W x H x D)703 x 616 x 1810mm
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