Exhaust Gas Analyser

The Exhaust Gas Analyser is designed for detecting the five types of automotive gas emissions: CO, HC, CO2, O2, and NO.


  • It is used for measuring automotive emission gas: CO, HC, CO2, O2, and NO;

  • The LCD display features a Chinese/English operation menu;

  • The internal bench is an advanced OIML Class 0 bench from HORIBA Japan. Other sensors are high-quality global brand products;

  • Functions include auto-zero, auto-calibration, and leak check;

  • The flexible probe can accommodate almost all types of tail tubes;

  • Equipped with the latest aluminum alloy drain separator;

  • Warm-up takes only 30 seconds;

  • Auto-compensation for ambient pressure and environmental temperature;

  • Automatically calculates engine AFR, with an optional O₂ sensor;

  • Equipped with two idle test functions;

  • Capable of storing more than 200 measuring results;

  • Comes with a standard RS-232 interface;

  • Signal output for easy connection to a computer.


Technical Data

Item KWQ-5
Connection of sample gas
Specitic intake port
Sample gas flow rate
Approx. 6L/min
Sample gas pressure
From 0.01 kpa to 1.0kpa
CO:0-10.00% within ±0.02% vol or ±3% of readings,10.01-15.00% within ±5% of readings
CO2:0-16.00% within ±0.3% vol or ±3% of readings,16.01-18.00% within ±5% of readings
HC:0-2000 ppm within ±4 ppm vol or ±3% of readings,2001-5000 ppm vol within ±5% of readings,5001-10000 ppm vol within ±10% of readings
O2:0-10.00% within ±0.4% vol or ±3% of readings,10.01-25.00% within ±1.0% vol
NO:0-5000 ppm vol within ±8% ppm vol or ±3% of readings
Power supply
AC 100-220V 50/60Hz
Approx. 7.5kg
Warm-up time
30 seconds
Response time
10 seconds

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