Chassis Scanning System

The Chassis Scanning System is capable of automatically photo-scanning a vehicle's chassis, producing a high-definition image.


  • Automatic digital-line-scan camera with high resolution and image clarity;

  • The complete chassis scanning image is clear, comprehensive, without distortion or omission. Objects not less than 2mm in diameter can be clearly identified;

  • Preparation of inspection processes to meet various on-site needs;

  • Multiple scene image monitoring and recording functions;

  • Multi-language interface design;

  • Strong scalability to easily achieve various system linkages and control;

  • (Optional) ALPR (Automatic Licence Plate Recognition);

  • (Optional) Multiple devices networked control function.


Technical Data

Item C-CSS-1
Vertical resolution2048 pixle
Check the width viewing angle< 4meters
Vehicle pass speed~30Km/H
Chassis clearance rang50-600mm
Auxiliary light2×25 W LED
Equipment gross weight30kg
Equipment dimension L×W×H400 × 450 × 88mm
Working temperature-10 - 55°C
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